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Bourgeois-nationalistic" movement of reaction. of the possibility of war. ') international environment in which perceptions had become as important as In their account, Soviet thinkers had recourse to the same list of descriptive reality. Both Moscow and Beijing were compelled by prudence and consider­ ations of prestige and power to attempt to fully explain their respective positions traits that Western academics had employed for some considerable time to iden­ tify fascist political and social systems.

Only then could the proletariat defeat "fascism," "social imperialism," and the "bourgeoi­ sie" that was their ultimate source. For the Maoists of the period, "proletarians" and "anti-fascists" were those who defended and followed Chairman Mao's teachings. Alternatively, the "hour­ geoisie" were those who "malign[edl Mao Zedong thought, extollledJ ... "50 Class consciousness was at the center of the conflict between socialism and fascism. However uncertain orthodox Marxism had been in "class" and class membership, the "thought of Mao Zedong" did nothing to 'I 62 AFTER THE SEl~O:\D WORLD WAR enhance the of the subject or the credibility of the enterprise.

No less had been said by Galkin and Alatri-and bv Borkenau and Otto Bauer several him, Poulantzas maintained that fas­ decades before. "22 That stage involved the full articulation of monopoly capitalism as state power. The bour-­ geois state, under the demands of "imperialist monopoly capital," assumes new interventionist responsibilities within the economy. Nothing less had been said those Soviet Marxists who had already revised the interwar standard version. Poulantzas lamented the "theoretical failures" of the interwar Third Inter­ that the international of the 1930S had succumbed to a national.

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