By Sidney and Beatrice Webb

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I doubt it. The very conception of an infallible or a mysteriously inspired leader is wholly inconsistent with the Marx-Lenin materialist interpretation of history. Lenin would have mocked at his idolised figure in the mausoleum in the lied Square of Moscow. Stalin has never claimed to be more than the duly appointed official of the Communist Party and the democratically elected member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Hence, I believe this infantile disease will die out with the spread of education among the multitude and the practice of the scientific method in all branches of human activities.

These Communist Parties within the territories of the Allied Governments, have pursued what has been termed a " contortionist" 1 policy, in order to 1 See the angry pamphlet issued by the Labour Party Publication Department, Transport House, A p r i l 1940 : Stalin's Men—" About Turn ". A more elaborate and xlviii INTRODUCTION serve the national interests, not of their own country, but of the USSR. In the first stages of the Allies' war with Germany, during the period of the German Soviet Pact of 1939, they denounced the war as an " imperialist war, wholly in the interest of the ruling capitalist and landlord classes of Great Britain, intent on safeguarding and extending the British Empire with its dominion over the coloured races of Africa and Asia.

A l l these bodies will seek to be represented on local councils and the national representative assembly, elected by all the adult inhabitants within a particular area ; not in order to fight each other for supremacy in all issues of the nation's home and foreign affairs, but so as to secure the opportunity of contributing their peculiar knowledge, skill, artistic gifts or ethical codes of conduct to the life of the nation. So-called " free thought and free expression by word and by writ " mocks human progress, unless the common people are taught to think and inspired to use this knowledge in the interests of their commonwealth.

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