By Fiorenzo Stirpe, Douglas Lappi

ISBN-10: 1118125657

ISBN-13: 9781118125656

This crucial reference presents updated info on all features of ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs). together with a listing of all identified RIPs, their distribution in nature, constitution, genetics and chemical and immunological homes, this reference covers mechanisms of motion, together with the enzymatic job on numerous polynucleotide substrates; the interplay with, and access into cells; the toxicity to animals, together with the pathology of poisoning; and the immunomodulatory and allergenic job. The booklet additional emphasizes using immunotoxins and different conjugates in medical trials for the treatment of melanoma and intractable soreness.

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5). This novel chimeric protein will further be referred to as a type [AM] RIP (A fused to unknown C-terminal domain). 9–11 However, until now no evidence has been presented that any of these presumed RIPs comprises a domain that is structurally and evolutionarily related to the A chains of either bacterial Stx or plant RIPs. OCCURRENCE AND TAXONOMICAL DISTRIBUTION OF RIBOSOME-INACTIVATING PROTEINS 25 One group of fungal proteins/genes that is often referred to as RIPs belongs to the family of fungal ribotoxins.

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