By David Osterfeld

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Box [7]. entails the rejection of the state coupled wi th a pronounced movement toward a marketless economy. T his would inc 1 ud e the a narc h 0 - colI e c t i vis m of Ba k un in, and the more extreme anarcho-communism of Kropotkin. Box [8] entai Is a social ist economy coupled with some form of limited statism. It would include the quasi-anarchist ic Guild Socialism with its reliance on fun c t ion a I r e pre sen tat ion, wh ere the 0 n 1y r ole for the state is to mediate between the functional groups when controversies could not be otherwise resolved.

Of those who have at their disposal some bit of the State domains, • • • especially money and 1 and; 0 f the ca pit a lis t the ref 0 r e. " And aga in: "The commoner is what he is through the protection of the State, through the S tat e 's gr ace. " ( 52 )The s est ate men t s, i nth ems e 1 ve s, are compa t ib 1e wit h f r e e -ma r ke t capitalism. "{S4) It might also be pointed out that such prominent exponents of egoism as John Babcock and John Henry Mackay considered private property sacrosanct and reserved a central role for voluntary contract and exchange for mutual benefit.

114) While the conservet ives have never squarely confronted the issue, this presumably means that at any time democracy comes into conflict with the permanent things, democracy mus tbe abandoned for the sake of the latter. It is the acknowledgement that government is an indispensable social inst i tution coupled with the reluctance to "accept the verdict of democracy's tribunal,tt(115) that results in the marked authoritarian streak that runs throughout conservative thought. nd others, for the sake of the preservation of the social order.

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