By Thomas H. Kunz (auth.), Thomas H. Kunz (eds.)

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Among dwelling vertebrates bats and birds are distinctive of their skill to fly, and it really is this universal characteristic that units them aside ecologically from different teams. Bats are in many ways the noctumal equivalents of birds, having developed and radiated right into a variety of types to fill the various similar niches. The evolution of flight and echolocation in bats used to be certainly a main mover within the diversification of feeding and roosting conduct, reproductive recommendations, and social behaviors. Bats have effectively colonized virtually each continential area on the earth (except Antarctica), as weIl as many oceanic islands and archipelagos. They contain the second one greatest order of mammals (next to rodents) in variety of species and doubtless exceed all different such teams in total abundance. Bats convey a nutritional variety (including bugs, end result, leaves, vegetation, nectar and pollen, fish. different vertebrates, and blood) unheard of between different residing mammals. Their reproductive pattems variety from seasonal monestry to polyestry, and mating structures inelude promiscuity, monogamy, and polygyny. the majority of what we all know concerning the ecology of bats is derived from reports of just a couple of of the nearly 850 species, but long ago 20 years reviews on bats have escalated to a degree the place many very important empirical pattems and approaches were pointed out. this data has bolstered our figuring out of ecological relationships and inspired speculation checking out instead of perpetuated a catalog of miscellaneous observations.

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Ectophylla alba modifies leaves of Heliconia by ehewing veins that extend perpendicular to the midrib. causing the sides of the leaf to droop (Fig. 7 A). The veins are only partially chewed, leaving intereonnected tissue that provide some support for the length of the leaf. Most of the support for the tent eomes from the uncut basal and distal parts of the leaf. These bats hang singly or in small groups (2-6) from small claw holes near the center of the leaf (Fig. 7B). Ectophylla alba appears to be opportunistie in its seleetion of leaves, ehoosing them for making tents from several speeies of Heliconia in proportion to their oeeurrenee in the forest.

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