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This series corresponds to the Taylor series for the Fourier transform f of the distribution #. Every entire S-analytic function can be expanded into a left Taylor series f(Y'~) = Z a! T" ( ORrT'~ -07] ~'~ .. Oy~,O~(O). 15) = 9V'(rl)(-i (j), we obtain the right inversion formula for the opera- tor 7 : ~'~+~r Oxc'O0# Oyc~O~#"-'" (i)1~,1+1~10~+B6(x,O) ('T")-I(/) = ~ aZ c~! OyaO(~ (0) c~# . 15) ,re derive the right inversion formula for the operator ~" (i)l<-Izl o~+~(~, o) og+ef "~-~(f) = E ~! 6. O p e r a t i o n a l c a l c u l u s o n s u p e r s p a c e .

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